Texas: Teen girl brutally killed in satanic ritual

Texas: Teen girl brutally killed in satanic ritual

The last piece of evidence in the trial that began Monday were letters from jail in which Reyes said the Devil was watching him and directing him to act during the slaying.
“He was standing there, watching me and Victor,” the teen wrote in a letter read to jurors Thursday.
“It’s all good. It’s what the Devil asked for.” . . .
Reyes is accused with Victor Alas, then 16, of strangling, bludgeoning and stabbing [Corriann] Cervantes in a vacant apartment in Clear Lake on Feb. 4. . . .

During the four-day trial, jurors saw graphic photos of heinous injuries that including an upside down cross carved on Cervantes’ stomach. Her right eye had been gouged out and she had been stabbed in the face and torso with a screwdriver. . . .
Medical examiners and investigators testified Cervantes was also sexually assaulted.
Reyes’ lawyers argued there was not enough evidence to believe the sexual assault took place while Cervantes was alive.

You know it’s got to be a bad day at work for a lawyer when the best he can do is try to save his 18-year-old client from a mandatory life sentence by claiming that the 15-year-old girl he admits his client killed was already dead before she was sexually assaulted.

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