The tea party of the left is back

The tea party of the left is back

The Tea Party of the Left is back.

There are a few new faces — Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is leading the new charge — and its ire is now focused on campaign-finance laws and Dodd-Frank, not the Iraq War. But the liberal wing of the Democratic party, which took a hiatus during the first few years of the Obama presidency, is back and ready to rumble.

Even the media reports of that era are back. Who can forget that in 2006, dissent was totally patriotic — but once 2009 rolled around, it suddenly became racist. And crazy.

Likewise, the 2013 partial shutdown was blamed on the GOP’s alleged inability to legislate, even though it happened because President Obama decided to violate his own health-care law by giving his big-business buddies special treatment.

This year, the mantra was that Democrats were willing to shut the government down over principle, according to Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim and others.

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