Another slur on a restaurant receipt – Copied straight from the patron’s Facebook page

Another slur on a restaurant receipt – Copied straight from the patron’s Facebook page

[Ed. – This one isn’t faked.  The bartender just made the mistake of taking Mr. Moore’s Facebook description at face value.]

Marquis Moore was about to eat an order of wings from a Harrisburg bar when he decided to look at the receipt in his to-go bag Saturday night.

Moore, 29, generally doesn’t look at receipts after he orders out. And he almost wishes he didn’t see the one he took home from Zembie’s Sports Tavern at 226 N. Second St.

On a section of his electronic receipt that labels the check name, in print, the bartender, Megan Bonsall, identified the Harrisburg resident with a racial slur. …

Zembie’s owner Angelo Karagiannis said he spoke with Bonsall, and the whole thing is just a misunderstanding.

PennLive made several attempts to reach Bonsall for comment Sunday afternoon. Karagiannis said that Bonsall intended no harm.

After Moore walked in to order wings, he started to talk with some people at the bar, Karagiannis said of what happened. Bonsall asked a friend of Moore’s at the bar what his name is, because she didn’t want to interrupt him while he was in the middle of a conversation.

That friend pulled up Moore’s Facebook page on his phone, and he showed it to her in an attempt to identify Moore, Karagiannis said. Bonsall saw on Moore’s Facebook page that he called himself a “sexy [expletive],” he said. And thinking it was funny, she identified him as such on the ticket, he said.

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