Nativity scene removed from City Hall in FL town

Nativity scene removed from City Hall in FL town

The town of Jay has removed a Nativity scene that traditionally sat in front of City Hall.

The town received a complaint from a national group called the “Freedom of Religion Foundation.”
The group says they were contacted by a Jay resident.

They sent a letter to Mayor Kurvin Qualls calling the display “unlawful.”

That’s based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision that approved a Nativity only when displayed with symbols representing other religions or customs.

The town decided not to fight the group, because a court battle could cost up to $100,000.
Mayor Qualls said, “the majority of the folks have been very supportive in understanding that there is a reason we moved it from City Hall to downtown. Actually, now that it’s downtown, it is more visible to the public than it was right here at city hall.”

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