GOP wants country to forget it elected a black Dem president

GOP wants country to forget it elected a black Dem president

It was a very good day in the Congress Thursday for hanging people out to dry. The White House hung Nancy Pelosi on the same clothesline on which John Boehner was hung by the howler monkeys in his caucus…. And the slow, steady and inexorable campaign to render this president a non-person in the long sweep of history continues apace.

They will be doing some of it in order to curry favor with the oligarchs. They will be doing some of it just because they’re mean. But the derivatives scam is the first step to unravelling financial reform, just as surely as the Halbig case is the last chance to unravel heath care reform. The basic goal of the political opposition in Congress, having thrown so much sand in the gears that it’s a wonder the president got anything done, and the stated goal of the newer, more radical Congress that will be assembling in January, will be to undo everything he did accomplish until the presidency of Barack Obama vanishes from history as a kind of failed experiment. It is important to these people that the country not remember that it elected (twice) an African American Democratic president. It is important to people who have spent 40 years constructing their own private American history that their own private American history not include him.

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