Who knew: ISIS’s Tweep-in-chief is Indian engineer in Bengaluru

Who knew: ISIS’s Tweep-in-chief is Indian engineer in Bengaluru

Mehdi Masroor Biswas, the 24-year-old engineer by training and an executive in an Indian multinational company, was arrested on Saturday, accused of being the key voice of the global jihadi group ISIS on Twitter. Biswas had been broadcasting the group’s terror missions and luring recruits to fight in the Syrian and other Middle East theatres.

A Bengali-speaker from Kolkata, Biswas owned @ShamiWitness, a Twitter handle that propagated the violent ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He was arrested by a special team from his residence in Jalahalli in north Bengaluru.

Police described him as a radical ideologue of the jihadi cause, who reportedly told interrogators, “India does not have real Muslims capable of jihad”. A senior police officer who interrogated him said Biswas supported ISIS because he felt they were fighting “the real war”.

Although police are yet to find a direct link between Biswas and ISIS or any other terrorist group, the officer said, “He told us he wanted to be in the creamy layer of the operations and not fight on the ground. His intentions were to support the cause and play the role of a strategist.”

An electrical engineer working as a manufacturing executive for a multinational with a diverse product portfolio, Biswas thought he would never be caught.

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