Republicans are so hypocritical when it comes to caring about life

Republicans are so hypocritical when it comes to caring about life

One of the negatives, at least for those of us on the Left, from the Republican gains in the recent midterm elections, is that there is a lot of talk that the Right is priming for a major new push on anti-abortion laws. The push to block access to citizenship for new immigrants is not enough, of course; Republicans also want to renew their fight to force women to have children that those same Republicans will certainly not want to support when they are born. I have always found it so ironic that the Right wants no choice in bringing children into the world from unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, but when they are here, Republican policies on education, assistance, jobs, healthcare and minimum wage are the opposite of what those children and their parents need to raise productive citizens.

I am truly shaking my head.


But thanks to the midterm victories all across the country in state houses, Republicans are feeling emboldened, as they should, I guess, to do what they do. Several states plan to enact stricter rules on abortions, rules like in Arkansas where there is talk of barring doctors from administering abortion drugs through telemedicine, which will affect lots of people in rural areas, and like in West Virginia where they will push to ban abortion beyond 20 weeks, which was previously deemed unconstitutional by the Democratic governor there.

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