Lib blogger: ‘The right refuses to see that Al Sharpton has changed’

Lib blogger: ‘The right refuses to see that Al Sharpton has changed’

Leslie Savan, who blogs on media/political issues for the Nation, thinks there’s now a meaty question about Al Sharpton (whether he can be, as the headline to Savan’s Wednesday post put it, “both an activist and a fair TV anchor”) that’s somewhat obscured by “right-wing hysteria” rooted in conservatives’ “refus[al] to see that Sharpton has mellowed or changed at all: they need him to forever be a radical and a race hustler.”

Savan doesn’t object to conservatives’ disgust with Sharpton for his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax (she neglects to mention other reasons for it, such as the Crown Heights riots) but griped that “because he’s the best-known single figure in the growing protest movement, the right will blame him for any violence.”

From Savan’s post (emphasis added):

With [Sharpton’s] front-stage involvement in the Ferguson and Eric Garner protests and this Saturday’s march on Washington against police brutality, the Rev is, once again, the target of pop parody and right-wing hysteria. But…he’s also the target of some perfectly valid scrutiny of his potentially conflicting roles of activist and cable news anchor…

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