The Great Hack: Sony unable to process payments, has to shut down filming

The Great Hack: Sony unable to process payments, has to shut down filming

Agencies filming for Sony Pictures have cancelled shoots because the problems have left it unable to process payments, according to The Times.

The attack by Guardians of Peace, a hacking collective suspected of having links with North Korea, has taken most of Sony Pictures’ computers offline. North Korea has been linked to the hack because Sony’s forthcoming film The Interview involves a CIA plot to kill Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader.

Joseph Demarest, the assistant director of the FBI’s cyber-division, told a US Senate hearing that methods used by the hackers would have breached the defences of nine out of ten companies.

Security researchers said that the attack would cost Sony Pictures £64 million to put right. …

The attack on Sony Pictures began on November 24 when a red skeleton-like image appeared on staff computers alongside a warning that data would be released to the web unless its — unspecified — demands were met.

The hackers then leaked four films online, including Annie, Mr Turner and Fury. Guardians of Peace have released internal company documents every few days for the past two weeks.

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