DOJ: Rate of sexual assaults on college campuses is actually 0.61%

DOJ: Rate of sexual assaults on college campuses is actually 0.61%

[Ed. – And let’s get that closer to zero.  But we won’t do it by exaggerating the actual figures.]

A new analysis of crime data by the Department of Justice has found that collegiate women are less likely to be assaulted than their non-student peers, and their overall victimization rate is closer to one in forty than the oft-cited one in five. …

The data spans the period from 1995-2013, and looks at females from the ages of 18 to 24, dubbed “college-age.” Over that period, the average number of sexual assaults suffered annually by college-age women not attending school was 65,700, while for those attending school it was substantially lower, at 31,300.

After adjusting for the different number of people in each group, women not attending college were almost 25 percent more likely to be victims of assault, although in 2013 there was no difference in victimization rates between the two groups.

The figures are a major blow to activist narratives which assert that a large-scale “rape culture” on college campuses leads to as many as 20 percent of women in college experiencing a sexual assault. According to the BJS, the actual annual rate is about 0.61 percent. Even multiplied over four years, that suggests only about one in forty collegiate women will suffer an attempted or successful sexual assault.

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