Actually, we’re not torturing enough

Actually, we’re not torturing enough

In the second place, we have not given up being the good guys because we are not kidnapping our enemies’ civilians and beheading them on video. Can you believe this has to be said? It should be obvious. It should require no explanation.

Yet … here we are.

We were, are, and will remain the good guys, because we have a liberal western democracy that protects individual freedom and civil rights. We are the good guys because we offer peace at the end of war, not more war. We are the good guys because the motive of freedom is objectively superior to the motive of religious subjugation and genocide. We are the good guys because we hold these truths to be self-evident.

Is there a point where, theoretically, we can have gone too far? Theoretically. Is it possible that happened already? It is possible, though clearly is not the policy, as amply laid out in the voluminous paperwork. But I would suggest the best way to know if we’ve gone too far is when most Americans think we have. As long as most Americans don’t, and they don’t, then we haven’t. That’s kind of how we do things here. Leftist opinionators want us to exercise our national conscience and establish our national line in the sand. But we have already done so. We have decided. Past tense.

We are the good guys. We are fighting an enemy who are the bad guys, and we are better than they are, and more moral.

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