Pro-abortion site: Even if fetuses feel pain, no reason not to abort

Pro-abortion site: Even if fetuses feel pain, no reason not to abort

It’s no secret that pro-abortion advocates get all squiggly when pro-lifers discuss the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the legislation that would protect babies after 20-weeks fetal age based on the scientific evidence that they can feel pain.

This is probably because 64% of Americans support protecting pain-capable babies (women is higher number than men); and pro-abortion legislators don’t want to vote on the legislation because if they oppose it, it could reveal how extreme their abortion views really are.

However, some aren’t worried about fetal pain at all; in fact, one pro-abortion supporter shared that even if unborn babies can feel pain, it isn’t a sufficient reason for banning abortion at 20 weeks. In other words, she thinks it’s totally ok for an abortionist to dismember a perfectly formed human and then crush its head with sharp steel instruments even if he/she can feel it.

The pro-abortion website,, wrote:

The Wall Street Journal reports that the GOP hopes they can finally pass a 20-week abortion ban, based on the bunk science that fetuses feel pain after 20 weeks. (Even if that were true, which credible scientists don’t believe to be the case, it’s not in itself a good argument for banning abortion, not that the anti-abortion crowd has ever let that stand in their way). The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed the House in June of 2013, but had no chance in the Senate. Until now.

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