Rebuild Ferguson with conservative solutions

Rebuild Ferguson with conservative solutions

There are three areas where conservative principles can be applied to provide solutions post-Ferguson.

Family: The single-parent birth rate is an American epidemic, a fast track to poverty that has created a failed generation. To fix this, the family structure must be rebuilt and reinforced in every possible positive way. Strong mentors and blended families are needed where the stable two-parent dynamic does not exist. This in turn helps better the chance for a good education for every child.

Education: … In 2007, Ferguson had an unemployment rate of around 5 percent. Now, with the added loss of businesses and jobs, it sits closer to 12 percent — as a conservative estimate. In the black community, youth unemployment is at 40 percent on average. In the adult black community, official unemployment sits at 11.1 percent. In a town that is 64 percent black, this is a tragedy, and these are people, not numbers.

Fixing broken schools requires choice, not just failed public schools. …

Economic redevelopment: …I recognize the value of short-term public investment to spark a community’s resurgence. This can be done with short-term subsidies, tax breaks and public-private partnerships. …


Was Ferguson sacrificed? This is a good question for Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. We may never know for sure, but that the question exists should trouble us all.

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