Brooklyn: Man yells ‘Kill the Jew!’ while attacking student in synagogue with knife

Brooklyn: Man yells ‘Kill the Jew!’ while attacking student in synagogue with knife

[Ed. – This was at the Chabad/Lubavitch world HQ in Crown Heights.  Police are saying it “isn’t terrorist-related,” but their narrow point implies that a homeless, bipolar man just happened to decide to attack Jews in such a significant venue in much the same way terrorists attacked Jews in the Jerusalem synagogue a few weeks ago.   Without positing that Calvin Peters was knowingly part of a terrorist plot, we can bet with some confidence that he was egged on, or had the idea introduced to him, by an Islamist extremist agitator of some description.]

A deranged man screaming “I want to kill the Jew!” stabbed a 22-year-old yeshiva student in the face at the Lubavitcher headquarters in Brooklyn before he was shot dead by police early Tuesday.

Cops repeatedly ordered 49-year-old Calvin Peters to put down the 9-inch blade and he initially complied, placing it on a table, police said.

But Peters, who according to his family lawyer was bipolar, grabbed it again and charged at the officers before he was shot in the stomach by Officer Roberto Pagan, the sources said. …

[K]nife attack victim Levi Rosenblat was rushed to trauma unit at Kings County Hospital where he was in critical condition with bleeding on the brain, police and sources said. …

“Earlier today we all felt pretty good that he was stable, but now it seems they found something they didn’t know this morning and he’s in pretty serious shape,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn). …

The Brooklyn attack immediately drew comparisons to the slaughter at an Orthodox-Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem last month by a pair of meat cleaver-wielding Palestinians that left four rabbis dead.

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