Pro-Hillary group: She’s not rich, she’s you

Pro-Hillary group: She’s not rich, she’s you

Nearly two years out, the battle lines of the 2016 general election are slowly starting to taking shape.

The pro-Hillary Clinton group Correct The Record will put out a memo to media outlets firing back what the group calls “Karl Rove style” attacks on the former Secretary of State’s “deep connection with the middle class.” And in it, Correct The Record doesn’t just play defense, but seems to emphasizes emerging themes of what might be the economic message of a Clinton presidential campaign as well.

The memo, written by Correct The Record’s Executive Director Isaac Wright and exclusively obtained by The Daily Beast, initially focuses on pushing back at criticism over the speaking fees of up to $300,000 charged by Clinton to appear on college campuses, and her rider, which includes requests like diet ginger ale and a platter of crudité and hummus.

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