Only 2 members of Obama’s original cabinet remain

Only 2 members of Obama’s original cabinet remain

Scandal, charges of incompetence and sudden resignations have left President Obama’s Cabinet in a state of flux these days, but in two corners of the federal government, the White House has found unusual stability.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack soon will be the only two remaining secretaries — out of 15 — to have been with Mr. Obama since Inauguration Day 2009. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. also has been on board since day one, but he has announced his resignation and will officially step down sometime in the coming months.

While turmoil has become commonplace across much of the administration — evidenced most recently by the unexpected resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel amid reports of conflict with the White House, marking the third Pentagon washout of this presidency — Mr. Duncan and Mr. Vilsack have, to a large degree, been able to fly under the radar and have avoided major scandal.

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