Bill O’Reilly to Tavis Smiley: Many more whites killed by cops than blacks

Bill O’Reilly to Tavis Smiley: Many more whites killed by cops than blacks

If one listens to the so-called “mainstream media” and the rhetoric coming from Ferguson activists, one would get the impression that cops across America are doing nothing but killing black people by the millions. But, Bill O’Reilly told Tavis Smiley Wednesday, the number of whites killed by cops in one year is nearly three times that of blacks.

The two men clashed in a debate after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner with a chokehold. Both agreed Garner’s death was unfortunate, but took different positions on the claims that police are killing blacks at an alarming rate.

“There is no respect for the humanity and the dignity for black life in this country,” Smiley said after listing several black victims of police. That’s when O’Reilly mentioned the statistic.

“Do you know how many blacks were killed by police by gunfire last year?” O’Reilly asked. Smiley said he did not.

“The number is 123,” O’Reilly answered. “Do you know how many whites were killed? 326.”

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