Polls: Opposition soaring to ‘path to citizenship’ for illegals

Polls: Opposition soaring to ‘path to citizenship’ for illegals

The Q poll shows support for allowing illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship falling to its lowest point since the survey started asking the question two years ago. Fewer than half — 48 percent — now support a path to citizenship, down from 57 percent one year ago.

The poll also shows that 35 percent say these immigrants should be required to leave (the word “deportation” is not mentioned). That’s a new high, and it’s up nine points from the last poll.

And here’s the real kicker: The shift is almost completely among Republicans. Although they supported citizenship over deportation 43 to 38 percent in November 2013, today they support deportation/involuntary departure over citizenship, 54 to 27 percent.

That’s two to one — a stunning shift. …

The CNN/Opinion Research poll tells a similar tale. Although 42 percent favored the policies that Obama announced and 46 percent opposed them, it was clear where the motivation remains: with the opposition.

CNN also showed people opposed Obama acting to implement those policies on his own, 56 to 41 percent. And when it asked people how they felt about Obama’s policy changes on an emotional level, 43 percent were either “angry” or “displeased,” while just 31 percent said they were “enthusiastic” or “pleased” — a 12-point gap. What’s more, the “angry” (16 percent) outnumbered the “enthusiastic” (8 percent) by two to one.

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