Why doesn’t America like black people as much as black culture?

Why doesn’t America like black people as much as black culture?

I read an interesting tweet last week that expressed this sentiment:

“It’s too bad our society does not like black people as it much as it loves black culture.”

What a great comment. And oh so true. Despite the deplorable history of this country when it comes to how blacks have been treated, when it comes to determining what is hip and cool, our country turns to black culture.

So, so ironic.

Our musical art forms, from rock to jazz to rap, have been born out of black culture. Even Elvis admitted that he mimicked black music and dance. Our fashion, our slang and language is led by what kids in urban black neighborhoods are doing and wearing. Teens in high schools all across America, even white, suburban ones, take on fashion styles and use lingo black kids started. Let’s face it, Justin Bieber is not mimicking Asian or Hispanic culture with his music and fashion choices.

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