Cruz: Start by NOT confirming Obama’s ICE nominee who fully endorses his amnesty order

Cruz: Start by NOT confirming Obama’s ICE nominee who fully endorses his amnesty order

[Ed. – Makes sense.  Karl Rove will no doubt think it’s inexcusable brinkmanship.]

You probably don’t know who Sarah Saldaña is, but she may assume some importance in the fight over the implementation of President Obama’s plans to halt immigration enforcement for up to 5 million illegal immigrants and offer work permits to many of them. Why? Because she was nominated in August to be the assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Department of Homeland Security, which is, of course, closely tied to the president’s plans. …

So Senator Ted Cruz has issued the following statement:

Ms. Saldana has made it clear in a written statement that as Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement she would enable President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty,” said Sen. Cruz. …

As Cruz explains, he, Senator Mike Lee, and Senator Jeff Sessions have asked Saldaña about the executive action, and found she supports the president’s plans…

In testimony, she also said she didn’t believe that the president’s plans will invite new waves of illegal immigration because the amnesty only applies to those who were in the country in 2010 or earlier — when there’s plenty of evidence that a smaller-scale version of the plan acted as a magnet.

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