Did people in the UK and New York hear an aircraft ‘pulse detonation engine’ test this weekend?

Did people in the UK and New York hear an aircraft ‘pulse detonation engine’ test this weekend?

[Ed. – Daily Mail pursuing a mystery.]

There was growing evidence today that some kind of hypersonic jet may have been the cause of the mysterious bangs heard over both the UK and the US on Saturday.

Engineering expert Dr Bhupendra Khandelwa told MailOnline he believes the loud, repetitive bangs sounded like an experimental jet engine called a pulse detonation engine (PDE).

Other theories – including weather phenomenon or meteors and space junk ‘burning up’ in the atmosphere – have been largely dismissed by experts.

And a video showing a PDE being tested in a lab appears to add weight to Dr Khandelwa’s claim. …

While the MoD said it had no reports of aircraft in British airspace capable of making a supersonic or hypersonic boom – or any alternative explanation – one expert claimed the noises could have come from thousands of miles away.

That could explain how the same sounds were apparently heard on both sides of the Atlantic at the same time. …

A PDE works by sending liquid methane or liquid hydrogen through the engine. The fuel mist is then ignited. …

When the detonation occurs, the aircraft’s thrust wall is pushed forward, and this is repeated numerous times to propel the aircraft. …

It can theoretically power planes at five times the speed of sound.

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