As Obama divorce rumors swirl, WH may be without First Lady

As Obama divorce rumors swirl, WH may be without First Lady

The rumor mill inside the DC Beltway shifts into high gear regarding what could be another historic first for Barack Obama‘s presidency: A White House divorce. As reported by Cross Map news (via Google News) on Nov. 26, 2014, as well as a separate article by the same news source on Nov. 21, 2014, wagging tongues from Washington to Chicago to Hollywood have become so active, many presidential watchers are openly questioning if a first ever presidential divorce is in the making.

While the White House has been without a First Lady on a handful of occasions, most recently one hundred years ago during the administration of Woodrow Wilson who found himself a widower for a short period of time before re-marrying, the serving of divorce papers may be closer than many expect. As the Korean-centric, New York-based reported via Google News, accusations of marital infidelity are flying hot and heavy by both sides. One such instance is the internet-viral video clip of Barack Obama casting his ballot recently in Chicago, when an individual walked past the polling station and warned Obama “Don’t touch my girlfriend.”

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