I’m glad to be gay—otherwise I might have been a horrible person

I’m glad to be gay—otherwise I might have been a horrible person

I was initially enthusiastic about the idea of writing a piece explaining why I’m grateful to be gay, because it offered me the opportunity to write about my favorite subject. (Me.) Soon, however, I grew anxious, because, upon further reflection, I realized I wasn’t sure that I was grateful to be gay.


That is not, of course, the same thing as saying I wish I were straight. Far from it. I’m perfectly content with my orientation and have milked it for a fair amount of journalistic fodder, which is really the most that anyone could hope to get out of anything in life. But I’m also not a gay triumphalist; I’m not convinced that gay people are inherently superior to straight people. And although I may think that I am superior to all straight people, that belief emerges from my own narcissism, not a coherent philosophy on the inferiority of the huddled masses of heterosexuals among us.

Given this sudden uncertainty, I decided to simply make a list of all the reasons I like being gay. The first was obvious: I never have to worry about birth control.

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