Ahead of World AIDS Day, Israeli expert says HIV picture is worrisome

Ahead of World AIDS Day, Israeli expert says HIV picture is worrisome

While the Health Ministry has presented a relatively rosy picture of AIDS, including the fact that the number of new HIV carriers has declined, a Rambam Medical Center AIDS expert said the situation is not that simple.

Prof. Eduardo Shahar, head of the hospital’s immunology, allergy and AIDS center, said on Sunday — the eve of World AIDS Day — that more patients are being diagnosed at a later stage and are taking risks because they think drugs solve their problem.

Shahar said that “in the world, there are visions of an AIDS-free generation in a few years. This would supposedly be achieved with a “90-90-90 vision — of 90 percent of carriers diagnosed, 90% treated with the protease inhibitor “cocktail” and the virus suppressed in 90% of them” within five years, by 2020. This, claim some activists and doctors, would be achieved by health education, promoting AIDS awareness and focusing medical treatment on the creating of an AIDS-free generation.”

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