‘Nation’ mag calls for Hillary to be primaried from the left

‘Nation’ mag calls for Hillary to be primaried from the left

[Ed. – Webb??]

The Nation, which is where left-wing activists often go to get their latest ideas, argues that “even the most ardent Hillary supporters should acknowledge that the Democratic Party, and the country, will be better served if she has real competition in the primaries.” The magazine adds, “this is not an anti-Hillary message; it’s a pro-democracy one.”

“We need a Democratic presidential candidate with a smart, populist program untethered to Wall Street and committed to dismantling a rigged system that enriches the very few at the expense of everyone else,” the editors write.

Left-wing activists have distrusted Clinton because of her ties to crony capitalism and Wall Street, the Washington political establishment, and more hawkish foreign policy views, and they are hungry for someone who does not represent more of the same.  …

The Nation’s editors mention Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who has started an exploratory committee, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as potential challengers. …

The magazine recently launched “Project 45,” which it describes as “a multiyear examination of the process by which the forty-fifth president will be chosen, with a commitment to encourage those who will fight to prevent the hijacking of the 2016 campaign by high-powered strategists, well-heeled donors and big media outlets that are more interested in cash, and a vapid politics of personality, than in a genuine clash of ideas.”

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