Toronto: Whites told ‘not to take up space’ at Michael Brown vigil

Toronto: Whites told ‘not to take up space’ at Michael Brown vigil

A set of rules for white people at a vigil for Michael Brown in Canada has sparked controversy with critics accusing organizers of promoting segregation.

‘Non black allies’ were told to ‘refrain from taking up space in all ways possible’ and ‘never be at the centre of anything’ at the event in Toronto on November 25.

The Facebook page also advised white demonstrators to ‘refrain from speaking to the media’ and ‘stand behind black folks or between us and the police’.

‘If you see a cop harassing a black person,’ it added, ‘come in and engage (chances are they are least likely to arrest you)’. …

Toronto was flooded with accusations of racism.

One user wrote: ‘Wow, is this an anti-racist rally or a pro-segregation one?’

Another said: ‘Changed a lot for me. I will no longer be attending this event or supporting this cause.’

Others, however, supported the organizers. …

[O]ne said: ‘I can’t believe how the media and so many of the commenters on this page are making this event about White people. …’

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