Danes collect welfare while fighting for ISIS

Danes collect welfare while fighting for ISIS

[Ed. – Of course they do.]

On November 27, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) indicated 28 Danes have collected unemployment benefits while fighting with ISIS in Syria.

According to AFP, PET said 15 of the welfare recipients have “been ordered to pay the money back, eight people [are] still being investigated, and five cases [have] been dropped due to insufficient evidence.”

Denmark has two different unemployment systems, one of which is the dagpenge–a system which pays $134 “per day for up two years.” It appears some of the jihadists were on this system and some were on “a more modest…unemployment benefit.”

In June PET said “more than 100” Danes had gone to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. However, Naser Khader–“a Danish commentator on Middle Eastern affairs”–believes that number needs to be “revised upward.”

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