Ending civilization as we know it: The evil ‘second fridge’

Ending civilization as we know it: The evil ‘second fridge’

[Ed. – Preaching-propaganda articles like this one have to be a big reason why the Old Media are on the skids.  What was this, a pre-packaged meme slice distributed by Podesta’s Center for American Progress?]

[T]he growing trend of having second refrigerators is a major national energy blight — not only wasting a lot of energy, but also potentially costing you hundreds of dollars.

From an energy standpoint, second refrigerators are bad news. The simple reason? They tend to be ancient. …

[B]y taking an old fridge and putting it strictly on beer duty, you’re sacrificing a dramatic amount of progress.

“The typical second refrigerator might be 15 years old when moved to the basement or garage, and might last 5 to 10 more years there,” says Steven Nadel, executive director of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. “Most second refrigerators are plugged in all year, but many are really only used for a few big parties, as well as to keep some extra drinks cold.” …

Because most second refrigerators tend to have started out life as a first refrigerator, they’ve probably ceded a prized space in the kitchen and instead wound up in the basement, the garage, or even outdoors. That means the refrigerator may have to battle the elements in order to do its job…

Most significant of all, though, is that by keeping an old refrigerator as a second refrigerator, you nullify any energy advance that was gained when you went out and bought a newer, much more efficient fridge.

[Naughty Americans.  Naughty! – Ed.]

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