New health worry: Email apnea

New health worry: Email apnea

[Ed. – Not metaphorical, or at least not exactly.  It’s actually about holding your breath.]

We’ve long known that lack of sleep can be a serious health threat.

Now doctors have another concern. It’s a new condition that could affect anyone who uses an electronic device.

Researchers call it “email apnea.”

Emails, tweets, text messages, we are subjected to them hundreds of times per day. They are simple acts that some now worry could be harmful to your health, CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported on Monday. …

Stone is sounding the alarm about something she says most of us do as a matter of routine. When we check our e-mail, “I caught myself shallow breathing and breath holding,” Stone said.

We hold our breath. It’s called email apnea. …

Like sleep apnea, which puts people at risk for a variety of illnesses — from stroke and heart attack to diabetes — experts are now concerned about the effects of email apnea.

“I think we’re going to hear more about this,” Dr. Josh Werber said. …

“There could be consequences, subtle consequences with respect to blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and things that are associated with that,” Dr. Werber said.

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