Sally Kohn: Hey, what about all those white rioters?

Sally Kohn: Hey, what about all those white rioters?

CNN contributor Sally Kohn has a bone to pick with all of you racists. Apparently unsatisfied with the unbelievably favorable coverage which Ferguson’s “peaceful protesters” have been receiving in the media, Kohn seeks to draw a comparison – while assuring us it’s not a comparison – between the months of riots, shootings, arson and assault in Missouri and (wait for it…) a pumpkin festival in New Hampshire. Where’s the outrage about all of these out of control white people?

When black people protest against police violence in Ferguson, Missouri, they’re thought of as a “mob.”

But when white people got up in arms at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, New Hampshire, a few weeks ago — for apparently no reason whatsoever — they were merely accused of “disruptive behavior.”

The two situations — protests in Ferguson and drunken violence in Keene — are not equivalent. However, it’s revealing how the two groups are perceived differently by society and and the media. How is it that the bad behavior of some black people is used to condemn an entire community, while the bad behavior of some white kids is excused and explained away? Maybe this is why residents of Ferguson protested in the first place.


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