NYC restaurant fined $5K over ad for ‘waitresses’

NYC restaurant fined $5K over ad for ‘waitresses’

The owner of an Upper East Side restaurant who read in The Post that a downtown eatery was fined $5,000 fine just for placing an ad for “waitresses” is issuing a call to arms against the gender-based penalties.

“This is an outrage, and more restaurants need to share their stories so this nonsense is stopped,” Giuseppe Bruno wrote to The Post.

“Someone needs to help these restaurants.”

His own included. Bruno’s Italian eatery, Sistina, was slammed with its own $5,000 fine after a staffer placed an ad on Craigslist for a “hostess.”

In 2011, the Windsor, a Greenwich Village sports bar, was fined after a sting by the city Commission on Human Rights caught it trying to hire “waitresses” through Craigslist.

Gender-specific ads violate city civil-rights law.

Unlike the Windsor’s owners, Bruno says he’s going to fight what he describes as a “scam.”

“They want us to settle for $5,000,” Bruno told The Post on Thursday. “I’m not going to settle. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Sistina, on Second Avenue at East 81st Street, employs a staff of 21 that includes three women.

One of them, Lara Kineavy, 24, said she posted the “hostess” ad on July 28 without giving a second thought to gender.

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