Welcome to the Eric Cartman presidency

Welcome to the Eric Cartman presidency

I see the much-anticipated day of President Obama’s coronation has finally arrived. You can’t say he didn’t warn us. In a sense, the motivations for this are the same as those which pushed President Bush to go against public opinion after the 2006 election, doubling down on the Iraq War and the surge. Of course, he convinced those elected politicians to go along with it, while President Obama can’t be bothered to do that. The audacity of it, though, is just remarkable. It’s as if on immigration, executive power, privacy, drones, gay marriage and Gitmo he’s rolled up his sleeves and is flashing his “What would Dick Cheney do” bracelet.


So what’s the political fallout for this? Not impeachment, which despite MSNBC’s frequent teasing, is not in the cards. Most of the more outspoken members of the GOP are holding their tongues. What’s more interesting is how this will play out as a tug of war between the pro-comprehensive immigration reform establishment and the conservative wing of the party.Ted Cruz’s line on this is the most interesting. To me, it sounds like he’s calling for this to be a variant of Rob Tracinski’s “Amnesty Fight Club” tactic: turn it into a fight over nominations and funding for agencies, not one that goes toward a shutdown but one that gets into the weeds of internal Beltway fights. The more this is a fight about executive overreach and not immigration, the better for Republicans, and most of them know it.

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