Sheriff Joe files suit against Obama over executive amnesty

Sheriff Joe files suit against Obama over executive amnesty

[Ed. – One of several legal approaches. it appears.]

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced Thursday evening that he is filing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama for the executive action he is taking on immigration.

Arpaio told KNXV-TV that the president is conning the American public with his immigration plan.

“He speaks a good game and I understand where he’s coming from in a way. On the other hand, let’s not con the American public. How are we going to keep track of these 5 million people?” Arpaio said. …

“I’m surprised they have not detected these 5 million people and have not deported them throughout the years,” Arpaio told KNXV.

Arpaio stated that his lawyer was filing the lawsuit following Obama’s speech and that no taxpayer funds will be used in the lawsuit. …

“This is going to open the door. Everybody in Mexico, Central America, thinks they will have a free pass when they come into our country because of what the president is issuing,” Arpaio said.

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