GOP’s sound and fury signifies nothing

GOP’s sound and fury signifies nothing

Never ones to bypass the moment to bypass the moment, Republican leaders are masters of constructing fig leaves to cover their cowardly shame. Their favorite these days is the threat of the lawsuit against a lawless president, which is a little bit like suspending a miscreant student for truancy. The Marxist in the White House wears his lawlessness like a badge of honor. Meanwhile, Republican leaders make Barney Fife’s one bullet look like a weapon of mass destruction.

The GOP’s toy gun of choice is nothing more than a taxpayer-subsidized kicking of the can down the road. For as the wheels of injustice turn slowly, you and I pay for the pricy billable hours accumulated by the lawyers on both sides, of course. Because, less government or something. The Republicans know these lawsuits are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. They just don’t think you know they’re the political equivalent of empty calories, fulfilling nothing but the coffers of trial lawyers (most of them Democrats). They think you’re stupid enough to be patronized by sensational lamestream media headlines about them suing Obama.

Except the Constitution begs to differ. The Constitution demands the Republicans stop suing Obama, and instead start using their Constitutional authority to stop Obama.

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