ISIS now hiring: Gunsmiths needed to maintain growing arsenal

ISIS now hiring: Gunsmiths needed to maintain growing arsenal

[Ed. – Obama did promise to create jobs.]

The Islamic State terrorist army, in its rapid arms buildup, is now searching for foreign technicians who can come to Syria and Iraq and show its fighters how to use and maintain their weapons.

A U.S. military officer familiar with the Islamic State said that the Sunni extremist group is sending word through the arms trade’s secretive black market that it needs outside advisers — and is willing to pay.

“They’ve captured our weapons, and now they’re trying to use them against us, but some of them are too sophisticated for them, and so they need special instructions,” the officer said.

Rogue weapons technicians — the military officer mentioned Russia and Bulgaria as possible providers — are willing to help nefarious groups if the money is right. But the officer said it remains to be seen whether any high-caliber technicians would get in bed with a group as violent and murderous as the Islamic State, also known by the acronyms ISIS and ISIL.

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