Sorry, Sen. Landrieu — Dems are committed to Obama’s war on energy

Sorry, Sen. Landrieu — Dems are committed to Obama’s war on energy

The application with the U.S. State Department to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline has now been languishing for six years amid political delays by President Obama. And now that her re-election is in great peril in Louisiana’s Dec. 6 Senate runoff election, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D, finally decided it was time to force a Senate vote on the matter.

Good for her, even though it didn’t work. Hopefully, her new senator (should she decide to go back and live in Louisiana) will continue the effort next year.

Why is Keystone so important? It is just one pipeline, after all. But it has become something much bigger than that — it is an illustration of Obama’s backward energy policy.

Obama was not shy about his green leanings during his 2008 campaign. He promised policies that he acknowledged would put the coal industry out of business. His EPA rose to the challenge both in substance and rhetoric — especially noteworthy was his appointees’ loose talk of wiping out coal towns and “crucifying” coal producers.

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