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Saudi girl, 17, tricked by father into marrying man in his 90s

Saudi girl, 17, tricked by father into marrying man in his 90s

A court in Saudi Arabia has ruled in favour of a 17-year-old Saudi girl who refused to marry a man in his 90s.

The girl filed the law suit to abort her marriage contract after she discovered that the man who was about to be her husband was not the man her father had shown her.

According to the case papers, the dramatic situation came to the attention of the police when security authorities in the southern area of Jazan were investigating a plea by the girl to rescue her from her father who insisted on her marriage to an old man living in the western city of Madina.

The girl said that her father told her that a handsome young man in his 20s wanted to marry her. He later brought the young man home and the girl said that she accepted the marriage proposal.

However, when the marriage contract was drawn up later, she discovered that the groom’s birthdate showed that he was in his 90s, local news site Sabq reported on Wednesday.

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