Liberal constitutional scholar will represent GOP in lawsuit against Obama

Liberal constitutional scholar will represent GOP in lawsuit against Obama

When the Republican-led House voted to sue President Barack Obama in July over what the GOP considered his excessive application of executive authority, particularly in repeatedly delaying the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it made a big splash. Nearly four months later, however, not much has happened. Some on the left assured themselves that delay was a result of confusion on the part of those who might represent Republicans in court over whether there was a basis to bring this lawsuit.

On Tuesday, however, that narrative changed. House Republicans hired constitutional lawyer and left-leaning scholar Jonathan Turley to represent them in their effort to force the president – a former constitutional scholar himself – to abide by the constraints placed on his power in the nation’s founding document.

“As many on this blog are aware, I have previously testified, written, and litigated in opposition to the rise of executive power and the countervailing decline in congressional power in our tripartite system,” Turley wrote on his blog. “I have also spent years encouraging Congress, under both Democratic and Republican presidents, to more actively defend its authority, including seeking judicial review in separation of powers conflicts.”


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