Student sent home from school for wearing shirt with picture of gun

Student sent home from school for wearing shirt with picture of gun

[Ed. – The shirt might be loaded.]

Cudahy high school student, Colton Heberling, was sent home by a school  administrator for wearing a Smith&Wesson sweatshirt with two guns displayed on it.

Heberling, a 16 year old junior at the school was told by the Dean of Students, Phil Martell, that he would either have to be turn his sweatshirt inside out or he would be sent home.  When Heberling refused to comply with Martell, his dad was called and told to pick up his son.

According to Colton’s father, Tiger Heberling, his son is an hunting enthusiast and that is the reason he wears the sweatshirt in question.

Colton tells WDI that he was in school all morning and none of his teachers said a thing about the shirt.  He also said that other kids in school wear clothing that depict violence in a more direct way than his sweatshirt and to his knowledge, none of those kids were asked to turn their shirt inside out.

Colton believes that Dean Martell acted on his own in asking for the sweatshirt to be turned inside out as no other administrators said a thing to him about it.

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