Russian TV ensnared by faked image of flight MH17 ‘shoot down’

Russian TV ensnared by faked image of flight MH17 ‘shoot down’

The state-run television channel presented the image, claiming it been taken moments before the passenger jet crashed in eastern Ukraine, to bolster Moscow’s contention that the passenger plane was brought down by a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet, killing all 298 people on board.

Hours after the picture was shown, Russian and international bloggers called the image a fake, noting the logo for Malaysia Airlines was misplaced on the plane and the clouds in the picture were identical to those found in a Google Earth image from 2012. Bloggers later noted that fighter jet in the picture appeared to be a Russian MiG-29 and not an Su-27, and the the picture of the airliner looked like it had been lifted from Google Images, when requesting ‘Boeing view from above.’

A Russian engineer investigating the crash said on the program that he had received what he called a “sensational picture”  from George Bilt, an American MIT graduate with over 26 years experience in aviation. …

Bilt said he was surprised and unhappy to see his name associated with the picture in what he thought was a private email to Ivan Andreyevsky of the Russian Union of Engineers. …

Following the debunking, reporters from the Moskovsky Komsomolets tabloid asked  Russian Union of Engineers  head, Vladimir Saulyanov, if his group had checked to see if the photo was authentic.

“How could we check it?” Saulyanov said. “It came to us from the internet.”

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