NJ judge orders parents to pay 21-year-old estranged daughter’s college tuition

NJ judge orders parents to pay 21-year-old estranged daughter’s college tuition

[Ed. – How is this even possible?  How can a judge order parents to pay college tuition, regardless of how old the kid is?]

Caitlyn [Ricci] is 21, an adult legally any way you slice it. And yet, under Jersey court precedent, mom and dad may need to fork over a cool 16 large annually for her tuition at Temple even though, to hear them tell it, she hasn’t said a word to them outside of court in two years. (Her parents asked her to at least attend a school in New Jersey so that the tuition burden would be lighter but she insisted on going out of state.) Even inside the courtroom, they claim, she won’t so much as look at them — despite the fact that they say they’re willing topay her tuition after all if she rebuilds her relationship with them. Ricci now lives with her grandparents, who are fully behind her and who are even paying for the lawyer who’s suing her parents.  It’s almost impossible to tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth in a multigenerational family feud like this, but it does seem noteworthy that Ricci’s parents are united even though they’ve been divorced for many years. …

It so happens that Caitlyn Ricci’s parents were in the process last year of suing to have her declared legally emancipated; once Caitlyn found out that was in the works, she turned around and slapped them with the tuition lawsuit. Tell me, though, legal eagles, why do you even need an emancipation ruling in the case of a 21-year-old?

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