Great news: USDA Christmas tree tax will go to ‘research’

Great news: USDA Christmas tree tax will go to ‘research’

[Ed. – Wanna bet some Obama crony will just happen to be doing the right “research” to be funded by this tax?]

This year, your real Christmas tree will be more expensive than it needs to be. That’s because the Department of Agriculture is imposing a fee on each fresh-cut tree sold.

A few months ago, the federal government created a national marketing program to advertise the virtues of real Christmas trees. It’s funded by a 15-cent surcharge that will be added to the cost of each tree sold. It’s not a tax, Washington insists — merely a fee that you have to pay.

“The Christmas tree industry requested this initiative to fund Christmas tree research and marketing, the program will be funded solely by the industry, and the government is not imposing any tax on Christmas trees,” an Agriculture Department spokesman explains.

It’s a distinction without a difference. If a fee is imposed on a product by a government, it’s a tax on the consumer. …

This new tax that’s not a tax was imposed as part of the 2014 Farm Bill. It was first announced in November of 2011, but was put on hold after an Internet firestorm erupted in opposition to it.

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