Red Cross hit in wallet when it fires elderly volunteer over his marriage views

Red Cross hit in wallet when it fires elderly volunteer over his marriage views

The Red Cross is facing mounting criticism after sacking a long-standing volunteer who protested against gay marriage.

Coalition for Marriage (C4M), which led the campaign against redefining marriage in the United Kingdom, says that it has received nearly 50,000 messages in support of Bryan Barkley, 71, and say that many people are considering boycotting the charity.

A motion has also been tabled in the House of Commons expressing “deep concern” at Barkley’s treatment and urging the charity to reinstate him. …

[T]he charity said in a statement that it did not dismiss Mr Barkley “specifically for his views on same sex marriage”, although it did fear his stance would have a “negative impact on the way its services are delivered to a particular community.”

Colin Hart of C4M is not impressed, though. He said: “This is a shocking case – Bryan was a senior volunteer, undertaking very complicated and technical work for the Red Cross. …”

The Red Cross has responded…by accusing Mr Bickley’s supporters of distracting the organisation from its work dealing with international disasters.

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