Hillary watch: Staffer makes ‘Mook Mafia’ listserv leak to attack other staffers

Hillary watch: Staffer makes ‘Mook Mafia’ listserv leak to attack other staffers

[Ed. – So, we’ve got 2 more years of this stuff to look forward to.  Yee-ha.]

Some progressives… are jockeying for early bids to lead Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign, and are using fellow Democrats’ low blows against Republicans—and each other—to improve their chances.

ABC News has received copies of e-mails from the “Mook Mafia,” a list serv run by 34 year old Democrat operative Robby Mook, who many believe could be slated to lead Hillary’s campaign team.

via ABC News:

Copies of a cache of the emails obtained by ABC News, and revealed publicly for the first time, show Mook and Marshall demonstrating an aggressive tone in rallying their friends behind political causes, in exchanges that are often self-mocking and sometimes border on being profane.

They include rallying cries to, in Mook’s words, “smite Republicans mafia-style,” and, to quote Marshall, “punish those voters.”

The private emails were provided to ABC News by a Democrat on the listserv who has worked alongside Mook and Marshall on previous campaigns. The person who provided the emails is, like the vast majority of those on the listserv, supportive of Hillary Clinton, but does not support the idea of Mook or Marshall holding leadership roles in a second presidential bid.

But what’s important about this big e-mail reveal isn’t the content…but the fact that a fellow operative was so desperate to keep Mook away from Team Hillary that they sold out a large group of fellow operatives in order to do so.

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