Senate Republicans ready to use reconciliation to repeal ObamaCare?

Senate Republicans ready to use reconciliation to repeal ObamaCare?

[Ed. – Sauce for the goose…]

The bill’s destined to be vetoed, of course, but unless the reconciliation process ends up eating lots of time, there’s really no harm to it. One conservative activist told Politico he’s worried that if the GOP uses the same arcane procedural move to undo O-Care that Democrats used to pass it, Obama will turn around and whine that Republicans are doing the same thing Democrats did when they were in power. But … why would he say that? If he means to imply that reconciliation is a dubious strong-arm tactic, then he’ll be forced to explain why it was okay for his party to use it to pass the law in the first place. Why would he want to make a by-any-means-necessary argument for ObamaCare when the House GOP’s poised to make an example of Jon Gruber for the very same attitude? “Reconciliation’s only cool when we do it” would be a lovely complement to Gruber’s “we had to pull a fast one on you schmucks” tribute to health-care reform.

Reconciliation is a silly symbolic gesture under the circumstances but some GOP base voters will consider it a moral victory to put a bill on Obama’s desk, so there you go. But there’s a catch, notes David Drucker at the Examiner. Actually, several catches:

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