Reid creates new Dem leadership position just for Elizabeth Warren

Reid creates new Dem leadership position just for Elizabeth Warren

[Ed. – As a doughy, aging, pale-hued white woman myself, I hereby declare that we have enough of them eyeing 2016 already.  Nothing like a couple of screechy-voiced church ladies to make a gal long for Rick Perry or Allen West.]

Senate Democrats have enlisted progressive firebrand Elizabeth Warren to be a member of their leadership team, giving a major platform to a liberal icon just a week after Democrats took a beating at the polls and lost control of the Senate.

Harry Reid, the incoming Senate minority leader, had engaged in private talks with the Massachusetts freshman to create a special leadership post for the former Harvard professor, and the leadership elections Thursday solidified the new Democratic team.

The title will be strategic policy adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee — a specially created position that puts Warren into a much more prominent position in the Senate hierarchy.

In the new position, Warren is expected to serve as a go-between to liberal groups to ensure their voice is part of the leadership’s private deliberations. She would be part of the messaging and policy team.


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