Latest global warming catastrophe: More lightning

Latest global warming catastrophe: More lightning

[Ed. – What, the warming, cooling, earthquakes, home invasions, rapes, wars, and loss of water on Mars aren’t enough??]

In a study just out in the prestigious journal Science, a team of researchers deliver an alarming prediction: A global warming world will see a major increase in lightning strikes.

“Even with the warming of a few degrees Celsius, you can get some very large climate impacts — in this case, a 50 percent increase in lightning,” says study author David Romps, a climate researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

Romps explains that there are two central factors that set the atmospheric stage for lightning. The first is the amount of water or precipitation, and the second is the instability of the atmosphere, a situation which allows air to rise rapidly. …

[P]recipitation and instability, more technically referred to as convective available potential energy or CAPE…is definitely expected to increase, and this is the central factor that will drive lightning increases, according to Romps.

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