Republicans didn’t win the midterms; they just lost less

Republicans didn’t win the midterms; they just lost less

Talk about a shellacking. Two-thirds of voters in last week’s elections are dissatisfied or angry with Republican Party leaders in Congress, according to exit polls, and nearly six in 10 disapprove of the GOP altogether.

While it’s undeniable which party won the most campaigns this year, the Republican Party didn’t win the overall election – not with numbers like that. The winners were disgust, apathy, and a gnawing desire for a better choice – an alternative to what the two major parties are currently offering.

History will record 2014 as one in a pattern of national elections that amounted to a vote of no confidence for the political status quo.

  • In 2010, voters changed ownership of the House from Democrat to Republican in protest of President Obama.
  • In 2008, voters changed ownership of the White House from Republican to Democrat in protest of President Bush.

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