A president who is hearing things

A president who is hearing things

President Obama begrudgingly said, “I hear you,” to those who voted, and to those who didn’t, after last week’s elections in which he and his Democratic Party took a drubbing.

But did he really hear, or are his once finely tuned political ears tone-deaf from too many cheers from his adoring supporters?

The president translated what he heard into a simple message:  They want Washington “to get the job done,” which he defined as end the partisan gridlock and get more legislation passed.

That is partially true. But if wholly true, why didn’t voters throw the Republicans out?  Obama and the Democrats spent the past four years hammering the GOP as obstructionists and “the party of no” for blocking their initiatives and for being the embodiment of evil in partisan politics.

But as nearly everyone knows now, the GOP won control of the Senate, took its majority in the House to near-historic levels, and made sweeping gains in Democratic strongholds from governors’ mansions to state legislatures.

The stunning results dumbfounded the president and Democratic strategists, who pressed the narrative of a gridlocked Washington in the vise grip of Republican extremists.

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