Ferguson residents turn to Second Amendment to protect themselves

Ferguson residents turn to Second Amendment to protect themselves

As was the intent of the Founding Fathers, the people and shop owners of Ferguson Missouri are exercising their God given rights to defend themselves which is causing a spike in gun sales.

The law abiding people of the city have little faith that the police will be able to contain the crowd of rabid rioters who will explode onto the streets when they don’t hear what they want to with regards to the Grand Jury decision concerning Officer Darren Wilson’s fate.  Officer Wilson, as you may recall, shot dead convienince store robber Michael Brown when Brown attacked him through the window of his police cruiser.

But, since Brown is black and Wilson is white, the race  baiters and Obama administration (redundant, I know) have poured fuel on the fire to make sure this is a matter of a black man being shot by a white man, not a criminal who attacked a police officer.

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